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Energy Savings
Hurst is one of today’s leading companies in the design and manufacture of electromechanical and electronic drive systems (asynchronous, permanent magnet synchronous and DC motors, geared motors and electronic drives).

In the current climate of concern for the environment and increasing energy prices, Hurst offers industrial companies innovative solutions that can significantly reduce their energy consumption.

Saving energy is becoming an economic necessity and a duty in terms of protecting the future of the planet. It is an issue that concerns all sectors, with electric motors accounting for nearly 70% of electricity consumption in industry and more than 33% in the commercial sector. Drive systems therefore constitute a major source of savings. It is thus important to reduce the energy bills of existing installations, by investing in technologies that use less electricity.

High efficiency motors

Hurst can help you make a significant reduction in your electricity consumption with its ranges of improved high efficiency (Dynamo and HST23) brushless DC motors. These products are available with very short delivery times.

Variable speed

Another way of reducing energy bills is variable speed control, which gives users access to three times more energy savings. The variable speed drive system solutions offered by Hurst can provide:

  • Immediate financial savings on your consumption

  • Optimum supply agreement terms with energy suppliers

  • A significant increase in your productivity

  • Reliability of your processes, by eliminating surges and slip, and through integrated motor protection, storage and monitoring of events and management of maintenance.