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To our valued customers:

Effective February 9, 2024:

Nidec Hurst Manufacturing Announces the Obsolescence of the K, KD, KN, KS, LA, LB, R & T models.

Last Time Purchases accepted through March 15, 2024

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Now stocking Hurst brand motors previously distributed and stocked by Grainger.

Hurst continually applies technology to provide our customers with innovative motion control solutions. These products deliver servo performance in a competitive package.

Hurst provides Advanced Torque Solutions for your challenging requirements. From automotive and medical to business machines and factory automation, Hurst has solved some of the most challenging applications in the world.


For many years Hurst has designed and produced small motors for specific applications, often for Fortune 500 companies. The most recent of these special designs include brushless DC motors.

Given the great variety of motors in the HURST® line, a standard motor often can be modified to meet particular specifications, saving the time and expense required for designing and tooling a whole new motor.

 Virtually all the components of HURST® motors are produced in-house – shafts, gears, rotors, stators, laminates, etc. Thus a high level of quality control is brought to bear throughout the total manufacturing process.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your motor needs at any time. Your inquiries will receive our prompt attention.

 Hurst specializes in uptime with our full range of product support services. Contact us Toll Free at (833) 266-4332

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3.3" Brushless DC Motors with Integral Controls

3.3" Brushless DC motors now available, contact factory for information !! 

3.3" BLDC Motors

New GreenDrive 2.0 Control

HST23 Brushless DC Motor Family

Combined with a precision bearing system and an insulation system using advanced......more
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55 mm Synchronous/Stepper Motors

55 mm frame size synchronous and stepper direct drive and geared motors are now available !!  These motors replace the 57 mm (S) models.

55mm Synchronous Motors
55mm Stepper Motors
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Round-Shaped Gear Mounting for Synchronous/Stepper Motors

Round-Shaped gear mountings are now available for 35mm and 49mm motors for both synchronous and stepper motor families !!  These motors offer a more compact size for applications with tight constraints.

35mm Model LYG35 Synchronous Motors
49mm Model A, AB Synchronous Motors

35mm Model LSG35 Synchronous Motors
49mm Model AS, ABS Stepper Motors
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